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The Most EPIC Event You’ve EVER Had At Your School!

“Well done on the most awesome drumming experience ever!– Theo Wassenaar Primary

Our Team Building Drumming Programmes for Schools Are Awesome!
  • Each learner participates in an INCREDIBLE (see video clip) interactive show where they are the Rock Stars!
  • Builds TREMENDOUS community and team spirit.
  • It gives children perspective on the rewards of co-operation as well as healthy competition.
  • It is an incredibly therapeutic way for children to express themselves. All our school drumming circle experiences have been evaluated by a child psychologist / play therapist from Centurion.
  • Drumming connects with kids on a number of levels: Emotionally, physically, visually, and aurally.
  • It is relaxing
  • It stimulates creativity
  • NOTHING, but nothing eliminates stress like drumming.
  • We have yet to perform at a school where we haven’t been spontaneously told how it’s the most awesome activity they’ve ever had.
  • It brings everyone together and adds to their sense of self-worth.
  • It can inspire those who would never before have considered becoming a musician to take up an instrument.
  • It’s a brand new, hugely fun activity that takes just 30 minutes of the day, or one school period.

“The teachers raved about the presentation and the children were so enthusiastic. We will definitely do it again next year!– Edenglen Primary School

funDRUMentals for Primary Schools

school team building drummingfunDRUMentals for Primary Schools will be THE MOST FUN activity ever held at the school.

We take kids through an incredible jungle drumming adventure. A “Brother in Beat” tells a captivating jungle adventure story where we meet well-known movie characters like Timon and Pumba.

Throughout the story the kids absorb a positive message while learning how to play different beats on their drums and how to play those beats to the accompaniment of popular Disney songs.

We bring a drum for each learner to play on as well as powerful sound for the music which they will drum along to. The brothers lead the kids through the entire thrilling 30 minute musical drumming experience.

Kids don’t need to be good at drumming or music. They are taught to play basic patterns, and once they hear that it’s complementing the music and they’re the ones making it happen, it creates an overwhelming feeling inside, and you can see it expressed in their reactions.

No one is embarrassed or singled out. The focus is on having as much fun as possible.

“What a pleasure to work with professionals! The children enjoyed every minute. Hope we will do this more in the future!” – LS Muldersdrift

Top Benefits for the School
  • It is a rare win-win-win scenario: The kids benefit, the staff benefit, and we benefit!
  • Safe and convenient. No transport needed. We come to the school and bring everything needed.
  • A FREE Bonus Rock Star Interactive Drumming team building experience for ALL staff.
  • We have a proposal whereby the entire event wouldn’t cost the school a cent. Get in touch for more on that.

“I was a bit sceptic at 1st but am I glad I decided to give u guys a chance to prove urselves!!!!!! The kids had loads of fun. The story telling and drumming was incredible!!!” – V. Seitei

Watch this short clip of funDRUMentals for Primary Schools

Awesome and amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you for the momentous event. Everyone was enthralled.” – Lynnwood Ridge Primary School

funDRUMentals for High Schools

This is more or less the same experience we offer to companies for team building. It’s great for ages 13 to 102.

Again each person gets a drum and we bring powerful sound for the music.

We lead the group in drumming games and challenges and we play drums to classics like We Like To Move It Move It, Pirates of the Caribbean, La Bamba, etc.

“To me, this was an experience of a life-time! – Uitsig High School

“WOW! WOW! WOW! What a vibe!!!!!!! What a way to release stress. pure fun.” – Houghton Primary.

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