This Is Easily the Most Epic Experience EVER Held at Your School… AND It Doubles As an Easy Fund Raiser!

“Well done on the most awesome drumming experience ever!– Theo Wassenaar Primary

Every Child and Every Teacher Should Have The Opportunity To Experience This!

Rock Star Interactive Drumming for Schools is an epic musical experience giving every learner an opportunity to experience what it’s like to play a musical instrument. We bring a drum for each person to play on as well as a powerful sound system for the music which we’ll be drumming along to.

Rock Star Interactive Drumming for Schools is an age-appropriate experience combining music, story-telling, and drumming. Kids get hooked on the thrill of being able to play a musical instrument and expressing themselves in a healthy way through music.

Younger kids are captivated by a jungle adventure story where they meet well-known characters like Timon and Pumba, visit Frozen Palace, and meet a cranky but lovable pirate. Throughout the story kids absorb a positive message while learning how to play different beats on their drums to the accompaniment of songs they all know and love.

From grade 5 and up learners also play to age appropriate music but without the story telling. The emphasis for higher grades is on different beats and techniques, dividing into teams, having competitions, and learning the value of team work.

No one is embarrassed or singled out – the focus is on having as much fun as possible.

No prior experience or natural talent required!

“The teachers raved about the presentation and the children were so enthusiastic. We will definitely do it again next year!– Edenglen Primary School

Words Can Only Do So Much. Please Watch the Short Clip Below…

“What a pleasure to work with professionals! The children enjoyed every minute. Hope we will do this more in the future!” – LS Muldersdrift

Here’s a Short Clip At a High School…

“To me, this was an experience of a life-time! – Uitsig High School

You Should Invite the Brothers In Beat to Your School Because…

Rock Star Interactive Drumming is designed to showcase how much fun it can be to play a musical instrument. Learning how to play a musical instrument can have a hugely positive impact on a child’s entire life.

  • Kids who play a musical instrument are less likely to get involved in drugs and other anti-social activities because they have something positive to throw their energy and passion behind.
  • Being able to play a musical instrument has a great impact on a child’s sense of self worth.
  • It gives children perspective on the rewards of co-operation as well as healthy competition.
  • Rock Star Interactive Drumming for Schools is an incredibly therapeutic way for children to express themselves. This is the opinion of a child psychologist / play therapist from Centurion.
  • Drumming connects with kids emotionally, physically, visually, and aurally. Few other activities do that at once.
  • It is relaxing
  • It stimulates creativity
  • NOTHING, but nothing eliminates stress like drumming.
  • It can inspire those who would never before have considered becoming a musician to take up an instrument.
  • It’s a brand new, hugely fun activity that takes just 30 minutes of the day, or one school period.
  • Did we mention, it’s INSANE FUN!

The School Will Benefit Because…

  • It Builds TREMENDOUS community and team spirit.
  • It makes money for the school. This works especially well for schools that have more than 500 kids.
  • It is a rare win-win-win scenario: The kids benefit, the staff benefit, and we benefit!
  • Safe and convenient. No transport needed. We come to the school and bring everything needed.

If you would like us to contact you with a proposal and to chat about the details, get in touch below.

The ULTIMATE Team Building Activity for Schools 1
If you book us for the school, you receive a 50% discount on a Rock Star Interactive Drumming team building for the staff. This is the same team building experience that Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, the United Nations, and others have invited us for.

“WOW! WOW! WOW! What a vibe!!!!!!! What a way to release stress. pure fun.” – Houghton Primary.
“I was a bit sceptic at 1st but am I glad I decided to give u guys a chance to prove urselves!!!!!! The kids had loads of fun. The story telling and drumming was incredible!!!” – V. Seitei
Awesome and amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you for the momentous event. Everyone was enthralled.” – Lynnwood Ridge Primary School

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