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Interactive Drumming Better Than Prozac, Study Finds

Many people reading this may not be clinically depressed or even regularly depressed, but many people know what it’s like – that feeling of worthlessness, not wanting to do anything except sleep, and not seeing any real point to life. It’s like your get-up-and-go just got up and went.

I came across a new study titled, “Effects of Group Drumming Interventions on Anxiety, Depression, Social Resilience and Inflammatory Immune Response among Mental Health Service Users”. In typical scientific fashion they took the romance right out of the headline but as for the meat and potatoes of the findings…

UK researchers took 30 people who were already being treated for mental health issues but were not taking antidepressants. The 30 were then split into two groups of 15, with age, gender, ethnicity, etc being matched evenly between the groups.

The study lasted 10 weeks, with once-a-week 90 minute drumming sessions. Amazing differences were found between the drumming group and the control group. The differences include reduced depression, increased social resilience, and significant reductions in anxiety.

But scientists didn’t only find psychological benefits. The study also noticed biological benefits. If you’re interested, here’s the study…

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