Imagine Drumming to I Like to Move It Move It, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toto’s Africa and Other All-Time-Favourites!

“I absolutely HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE team building events! But last night was fantastic! I enjoyed it tremendously!” – ProSNASA

Supercharge Energy Levels and Give Any Event the WOW-Factor!

With the usual team building drumming circle experiences, each participant gets a djembe drum to smack and the group has fun creating various rhythms and beats in a group setting.

Rock Star Interactive Drumming is our fresh new take on this popular activity – also known as “drumming circles”, “corporate drumming” or “drumming team building”.

We bring each person a drum to play BUT we also bring a massive sound system for the music. Before each song the group learns an easy beat or technique for that song and then everyone plays it to music.

Step into the shoes of a Rock Star for an hour. We show you how to play drums to songs like Labamba, I Like to Move It Move It, Pirates of the Caribbean, and others – everyone in your group in unison!

No need for any musical skills or talent – the entire experience is super easy and fun and no one is singled out! [more…]

It’s like karaoke for the drums except you don’t walk away from it red-faced with your friends wetting themselves laughing 😉

Don’t just listen to your favourite songs! Become a musician in the band that made them!

Rock Star Interactive Drumming is different.
Please watch the short clip below.

If your company has blocked YouTube click here to download it instead

“No words to describe the fun we had… the instructor made us felt[sic] like we were born to do the drumming, we felt like professional and wished it never ends.” – SSACI

Rock Star Interactive Drumming WILL Make Your Event the Best One Ever!

  • Give friends/colleagues a special, thrilling experience that they’ll never forget.
  • Easily get everyone in high spirits.
  • The conservative people in your team whom you think won’t enjoy it… WILL! We have ten years of experience to back that claim. [more…]
  • The adrenaline addicts in your team that you think will be bored will love it!
  • Super-charge participation and engagement levels. [more…]
  • Save on the cost of a DJ. [more…]
  • Drum along to your favourite song! [more…]
  • It’s more fun than any previous team building or entertainment activity you’ve done (including other corporate drumming experiences) – Guaranteed
“I have done drumming before with another company and was therefore somewhat skeptical about doing it again but you guys really made it far more entertaining and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you!” – Levin Tatanis Attorneys
“Thank you very much. I’ve never seen my staff so happy” – Nampak

People Talk About Their Rock Star Interactive Drumming Experience Long After the Event is Over!

  • Companies that do drumming team building or just any team building increase staff retention rates and so decrease costs associated with training new staff
  • Team Building Drumming DRAMATICALLY improves morale
  • It MASSIVELY reduces stress
  • Team building drumming creates tangible team unity
  • Prejudices are smashed as people start to see each other in a different light
  • People instinctively put aside differences in favour of a common goal
  • There is a fun competitive element as part of the experience, but overall the rewards of cooperation over competition is highlighted
  • Re-connect with an inner child-like joy
  • It’s just crazy FUN!

Join Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and thousands of others who invite the Brothers in Beat to bring the party to their events.

“one of the best things I have done in my life, the team looooved it and you guys were very professional. Thanks for being the highlight of the conference” – Travel With Flair
“…really had an awesome time… even more fun than expected. Therapeutic for those stressed souls”
– Investec

Rock Star Interactive Drumming Is Perfect For Any Type of Event – except maybe funerals!

    Corporate Events

  • Team-Buildings
  • Year-end Functions
  • Conferences / Strategy Get-Aways
  • Training Events
  • Client Functions
  • Award Ceremonies
  • A Launch or Promotion
  • Unwinding after long or intense meeting sessions
  • Rebuilding morale after restructuring
  • Private Events

  • Birthday Parties
  • “Took you two minutes to get my daughter dancing (we’ve been trying for years). You’ll be pleased to know she kicked off those shoes and danced the entire night. Thanks a million for making the day extra special. We’ll definitely see you in the future again.” – Cathy

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Braais
  • Weddings / Anniversaries
  • “We would love to thank Harry and Reg for playing at our wedding, you guys really made it fantastic and awesome on our special day, everyone is still speaking about it and they all loved it… it really was spectacular” – Russell and Adri

We are not a venue. We bring all the drums and sound equipment to a company, home or conference venue. Click here for a list of venues we have experience with who will accommodate team building drumming.

…you made me look like a legend!!!!– C. Liebenberg, CMH Nissan Midrand
“There is no words to thank you for our party last night!!! I cant think of Anything to TOP it!!!!– A Naude, Bubbles and Balloons

Need More Reasons Why Brothers in Beat is the Obvious Choice For Your Event?

The Music
Rock Star Interactive Drumming is very different from traditional team building drumming circles. Drumming along to the accompaniment of songs that you love is a thrill only musicians have known up until now – it’s a feeling you’ll never forget!

The Brothers in Beat Guarantee.
It’s not a satisfaction guarantee mind you – we guarantee you (or your money back) that the majority of participants will absolutely LOVE it!

ExperienceThe #1 Massive Impact Team Building Drumming Circles 1
Brothers in Beat has been invited to thousands of events for hundreds of world famous brands like Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, FedEx, Investec, TEDx, etc. In 2015 the UK Dpt of Trade and Industry invited us to perform at an event with Prince Harry. If they trust us with a prince, you can trust us not to drop you either.

You won’t have to put up with ridiculous terms like 50% or 100% cancellation fees.
We understand things happen. A cancellation fee limited to 20% of the invoice total will only be charged if we already incurred costs, for example in one instance, we were already half way to the venue when the event was cancelled.

We don’t charge for broken drums
Some team building drumming companies charge for broken drums. The drum skin (the part you hit) sometimes tears from all the beating. You will NOT be held responsible for drums damaged during the event. As long as the drum wasn’t being abused, we take that on us and a new drum will be supplied so the participant whose drum broke can continue.

Our quotations are valid until the end of the year. Why should you have to get a new quotation every week or two while you’re organising your event?

You don’t need to pay a cent to ensure we show up for your event. You don’t need to pay a deposit to secure the booking. In almost a decade and thousands of events we’ve only been let down once. We’ve found most people are trustworthy and we like to keep things simple.

You play on large, colourful, great sounding drums. The small drums that some drumming team building companies use are not as much fun to play. We only use 9 and 10 inch drums which produce a nice deep sound.djembe drum

You won’t feel like you’ve been wrestling an alligator after squeezing the drum between your legs for an hour – our drums are lightweight.

No trees or goats were killed in the making of our drums.

10% of Brothers in Beat’s income is given to causes we believe in.

Because you’ll be making us happy 😉 And isn’t that reason enough???

The Brothers in Beat Guarantee

If Rock Star Interactive Drumming was not one of the most thrilling and entertaining team building experiences you’ve ever had, we will refund you in full, except for travel and accommodation expenses applying to events outside Gauteng.


“Vir my persoonlik was dit een van die lekkerste ervarings in my hele lewe…” – Suidwes Landbou
“…an extremely well “orchastrated” team building activity but also one of the most fun we have ever done.” – Aveng Group (after 4 consecutive years)

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