Have a Hamburger, Coke and Drumming with the Brothers in Beat

It’s like this…


We arrive at your company premises just in time for lunch hour. We bring along warm, juicy, professionally-catered hamburgers, soft drinks, as well as djembe drums for everyone.


Those who want to participate take a burger and a Coke, enjoy, and 20 minutes later we hand out drums to everyone and start Rock Star Interactive Drumming!

This Is Why Rock Star Interactive Drumming “Rocks!”…

Rock Star Interactive Drumming is Brothers in Beat’s version of a popular drumming entertainment and team building activity called interactive drumming or drumming circles.

With traditional interactive drumming everyone plays different rhythms on a drum guided by hopefully a professional drummer.

As with traditional interactive drumming experiences, we also bring everyone a drum to play on and teach the group different beats and rhythms, but we also bring a massive sound system for music. The group then plays those beats to songs like I Like To Move It Move It and other instantly-recognised favourites.

Rock Star Interactive Drumming isn’t like anything you’ve experienced before, but it’s hard to explain in words so have a look at the short clip below…

if your company has blocked YouTube you won’t be able to view the clip below.
Click here to download it instead

“The entire experience was crazy awesome”

Here’s Why It’s a GREAT Idea:

  • You’re going to have lunch anyway, so just add drumming and kill two birds with one stone – combining lunch with a team building!
  • The company doesn’t lose out on “working” hours.
  • Morale, participation – things like volunteering ideas – and just general enthusiasm after the drumming is extraordinary.
  • Those conservative, quiet folk you think won’t enjoy it… WILL! We have ten years of experience to back that claim.
  • Everyone’s a winner – staff enjoy a delicious meal along with great conversation and then great entertainment, while the company gets a fantastic team building and boosted morale!

Hamburger, Coke and Drumming with Brothers in Beat will add ‘AWESOME’ to an otherwise ordinary day!

“We are very impressed and highly recommend your great services. Your drumming was outstanding and the music choice was perfect. Everyone was having a great time and said that they did not want the drumming to end.”
ER Corporate

What do we need from you?

  • A space large enough to seat everyone and a chair for each participant – participants will need to be seated for the drumming.
  • We need to be within +-30 meters of a power plug for the sound system.
  • If it is to be held outdoors and it rains we need an indoor plan-B venue.


Let’s Get the Ball Rolling!

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Hamburger, Coke and Drumming

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