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Custom Rock Star Interactive Drumming for the Indian Community

We have crafted the Rock Star Interactive Drumming experience over the last 10 years and it just doesn’t fail to impress anymore. It’s the perfect duration and combination of songs and activities that we’ve honed over the years. But the beauty of bringing the massive sound system for the music is that we allow you Read more…

Interactive Drumming Better Than Prozac, Study Finds

Many people reading this may not be clinically depressed or even regularly depressed, but many people know what it’s like – that feeling of worthlessness, not wanting to do anything except sleep, and not seeing any real point to life. It’s like your get-up-and-go just got up and went. I came across a new study Read more…

Lusito Land

Epic Interactive Drumming Performance by Bryce MacMillan at Lusito Land 2017!

Team Building – Rock Star Interactive Drumming at Krugersdorp High School

Sometimes we get phone calls from people asking whether interactive drumming is suitable for [insert age/race/gender group here]. Over the last decade we have been invited by pre-schools, including one at the SA Department of Defence which took about an hour to gain access to, primary schools, high schools, company team building or entertainment events, Read more…

How a Chimpanzee Inspired Me To Quit My Job and Start Brothers in Beat (True Story)

A few years ago I read Desmond Morris’ book called “The Biology of Art”. It describes his experimentations with chimpanzees, teaching them how to paint. The chimps dearly loved to paint and energetically painted. They made seemingly skilled use of colours and different brush strokes (in today’s ‘anything-is-art’ world, is it really a surprise that Read more…

If Your Staff Enjoyed These 36 Benefits, Can You Imagine What It Would Do for Your Company Culture?

Here’s what a 2013 University of Pretoria study found about music based team building. Participants reported the following in the focus group sessions which were held before and after the music team building sessions: 1. Relaxing. 2. Energising. 3. Revealed the fun side of colleagues. 4. Revealed talents co-workers didn’t see before in their colleagues. Read more…

Here’s Why Team Building Sucks

There is no shortage of team building activities, and some of them are fun – some more than others. But many are incredibly boring. I read a piece from a South African team building company’s website where they describe one of their many team building activities. It involves members of one team grabbing an object Read more…

Team Building Drumming – a High School Drop-Out’s Version of an Academic Paper

Though I’ve never set foot in a university, I was recently honoured to be approached by a professor at Wits Business School to contribute something toward a project he was running concerning the concept of team building. I thought I would share part of my response here: Objectives: 1. The main objective is pure child-like Read more…

Scientific Proof That Our FunDRUMentals Drumming Experience For Kids Makes Them Smarter

To some people interactive drumming circles are just a fun way to relax or zone out. But did you know that not only LISTENING to music but also PLAYING music develops the brain to work more effectively and efficiently that almost any other field of endeavour? This is one of the reasons we have always Read more…

How Your Company Team Building Could Save Your Life (True Story)

All sorts of new and fancy breakthroughs in science and healthcare are allowing us to be happier and healthier. These days tech has become a way of life and it’s easy to forget that before, people had to find other ways to cope stress. One of the most successful activities is drumming, particularly interactive drumming, Read more…

Our Sons of Anarchy Drumming Experience

We were recently invited to Motorcycle Club to do some drumming. It was, as you might expect, awesome!

They weren’t Harley kinda guys. The chairman told us, “If you’re going to get a bike, make it a superbike!”

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